Saturday, November 14, 2009

Easy , Inexpensive, Ideas on Curtains or Drapery for 18 Foot Ceiling Windows.

We love the shock and ahh!! reaction when guests first enter our home and see the never ending 18 foot ceilings in the Entry way and Living Room. I added more windows to the design of the home to allow more light to come in during the day and enjoy the awesome effects of a lighting storm, lighting up the whole inside of the house. The two major drawbacks to all the windows and the ceilings being 18 ft tall is you feel like you are in a showcase for the whole world to see and the huge price tag on the cost of the fabric to make or buy curtains or draperies for the windows. A consultant came to our home and took measurements of just the living room windows to give us an estimate on custom window coverings. Uuugghh! The cost was $7500 dollars for four windows and that was quoted with a sixty five percent discount for the current sale they had going on.

I ended up going to JC Penney to see what they had and of course they do not carry 18 ft curtains in their store. I was browsing through the clearance rack to find curtains for my bedroom and found a beautiful pattern that I liked a lot . The only problem was that it was a 216" sheer window scarf; not an 85" long panel. Hmmm.... Wait a minute!! 216" is 18 ft and a window scarf is basically an extremely long panel. To hang a scarf like a panel without having to sew it was the next question and the answer was hanging on a peg next to the curtain rods. They are rings with clips attached to them, so all you have to do is slip the rod through the rings and then attach the scarf to the clips. I used a solid color scarf behind the sheer scarf to add more privacy and block more light when needed.

The look of the 18ft curtains hanging down has a dramatic effect on the appearance of the room and they way they flow all the way down to the floor is beautiful!!

I went to Penny's during one of their sales which included a coupon in addition to the sale for $10 off if you spend $50.00 or $15 off of $75.00 plus I had an additional 15% of the total sale for completing the survey on the back of a current receipt. They even used my, $10 off a purchase of $10 or more, JCP rewards certificate that I earn every month for shopping there. The bonus, the survey award, and the reward coupons can all be used at the same time because two of them are reward coupons for being a loyal customer. I separated my purchase into $75.00 piles and had them rung up separately so I could get the $15 off $75 plus the 15% survey coupon. Clearance is not excluded from the coupons so don't forget to check out there awesome clearance prices.

All in All, I spent approximately $450.00 for 4 jumbo decorative rods, 4 packs of curtain clips and 16 window scarves (8 sheer w/floral pattern on clearance, 8 solid on sale) I estimated without the sale prices and coupons I would of spent approximately $1500.


  1. Can you post a picture? Thank you! Great idea!

  2. I'd LOVE to see a picture, too! Pleeeease!! :)

  3. Please share a picture, superb idea. Thanks

  4. Really awesome and huge money saving idea. Will definitely be doing this in my new house. =D